Effective Technologies for Business Success

One of the most important and effective steps to have a successful business is running a successful system. As far as you present an up-to-date technology about all the information of your business activities, your success is guaranteed.
Z-illumination Technology is a multi-service organization that works hand-in-hand with its customers to address their key business issues. Our professionals specializes in engineering and implementing leading-edge, cost effective IT solutions for SMB and Enterprise level companies. All consulting engagements and technology solutions are supported by our Managers and Professional Services to assure each project is a success.


1. Operation SERVICES

  • 1. Call Center Operation Management and Training
  • 2. Social Media Marketing/Optimization
  • 3. Mobile Contents & Value Added Services Provider for Mobile Operator
  • 4. Data Entry and Analysis
  • 5. System integrated for Telecom and IT related projects


Z-illumination Technology is a leading provider of IT infrastructure, and network cabling, providing infrastructure engineering and installation for voice, data, video, and wireless solutions.
  • 1. Router and Switch Configuration
  • 2. Access Point Configuration
  • 3. Network Cabling
  • 4. Video Splitters
  • 5. Power Line Technology
  • 6. Desktop KVM
  • 7. Firewalls
  • 8. Print Server
  • 9. Wireless Survey
  • 10. Internet Load Balancing
  • 11. Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
  • 12. IP Camera
  • 13. Surveillance
  • 14. Video Conferencing
  • 15. CCTV


  • I. Linux Server and Microsoft Windows Server
    Server could be mail server, virtualization, clustering, consolidationor as per companies requirement.
    But any type of servers is mission critical server.
    They are the backbone of the IT network and needs to be operated on 24/7 bases.
    To implement right server must ensure that the hardware and software are capable of scaling up to peak demands and future needs. It should also consume less power.
    • 1. Active Directory
    • 2. File Server
    • 3. Mail Server
    • 4. WEB Server
    • 5. Print Server
    • 6. DHCP, DNS, WINS
    • 7. OwnCloud Server
    • 8. Moodle
    • 9. VNC Server
    • 10. Proxy Server
    • 11. Cache Server PF Sense
    • 12. Database Server
    • 13. Subversion and Git
    • 14. Backup and Recovery
    • 15. Monitoring

  • II. Virtualization
    • 1. Data Center
    • 2. ESX Installation
    • 3. Vsphere
    • 4. VMware

  • III. NComputing
    • 1. one PC to use sharing many kinds of monitor

4. PC Maintenance & Helpdesk

Delivers, tags, set ups, and assists in the configuration of end-user PC desktop hardware, software and peripherals.
Performs desktop hardware repair for PC computer equipment and peripherals that are not covered by third-party vendor maintenance agreements.
Support on calling phone and mail sending.
  • 1. Hardware Installation and Configuration
  • 2. Windows Installation and Repairing
  • 3. Disk Management and Troubleshooting
  • 4. Virus Protection and Registry Repairing
  • 5. Device Driver and Software Installation
  • 6. Email and Dial-up Configuration
  • 7. System Maintenances and Troubleshooting

5. Software

The rapid of globalization over the past decade has been largely driven by developments in Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
IT specialists are increasingly in great demand in several areas, one of which is providing software solutions for business.
The development of software solutions to improve business productivity encompasses many different skills and techniques.
  • 1. Office Workflow System
  • 2. Leave Management System
  • 3. Working Hour Calculation System
  • 4. Projects Management System
  • 5. Point of Sale (POS)
  • 6. Order System
  • 7. Employee Management System
  • 8. Fashion Shop Management
  • 9. Protection Solution of Kids
  • 10. Web Site Creation and Design
  • 11. Android Application

6. IT Consulting & Design Services

If you have a desire to improve your business or any other positions, you can call any time to Z-illumination Technology Co., Ltd.

7. Technical Script Writing of Technology Product

We write procedures and user guides to understand begineer level users to use well about ICT products.