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To install Cent OS 6.8


To install Cent OS 6.8

1. To install Cent OS, choose Install or upgrade an existing system

2. To skip testing, choose Skip.

3. Choose Next.

4. Choose English (English) firstly and click Next.

5. Choose U.S. English and click Next.

6. Choose Basic Storage Devices and click Next.

7. If you don’t want any data, click Yes, discard any data. If you want to keep your data, click No, keep any data.

8. Type your Hostname (i.e. srv1).

9. Choose Asia/Rangoon at Selected city, Uncheck System clock uses UTC and click Next.

10. Type your root password as double and click Next.

11. Choose Use All Space, checkbox on Review and modify partitioning layout, and click Next.

12. Do size and partition like your desire and click Next.

13. Click Format (This is Format Warnings.).


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